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Innovative Leadership Mindset Program

The Individual Study Innovative Leadership Mindset Program helps you assess yourself using the ILI Leadership Competency Model and build these crucial leadership mindsets and behaviors to meet your organizational goals. It has nine modules and provides a development process, including worksheets, assessments, reflection questions, and interviews/podcasts with thought leaders. These are designed to support you as you develop your leadership mindsets that serve as the foundation to perform as an innovative leader. The time commitment is approximately ten hours of learning activity for the independent study program. 

  • Session 1: Innovative Leadership Kick-off 
  • Session 2: Developmental Basics
  • Session 3: Authentic and Reflective
  • Session 4: Intellectually Versatile
  • Session 5: Professionally Humble
  • Session 6: 360 Degree Thinker
  • Session 7: Unwavering Commitment to Right Action
  • Session 8: Inspire Followership
  • Session 9: Innately Collaborative

Program Outcomes:

  • Identify the key characteristics of innovative leadership
  • Articulate your leadership values and purpose
  • Develop additional self-awareness and self-management skills
  • Enhance your ability to think critically and strategically
  • Foster a collaborative and inclusive leadership style
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively with diverse stakeholders
  • Navigate complex situations with integrity and ethical decision-making
  • Build strong relationships and trust within your teams
  • Empower and inspire others to achieve your full potential

This program will give you the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to become more effective and impactful leaders. You will be well-equipped to lead their organizations through change, innovation, and success.

You can add options to this program, including the Innovative Leadership Mindset 360 Assessment.