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We help organizations solve their most pressing problems by envisioning their future, elevating leaders, enabling their transformation efforts.

This website provides solutions to your challenges. It is arranged by the phases of transformation you will use to navigate your change. In most cases, you will be selecting from all three categories to tailor or offerings to meet your unique situation. The solutions can include assessments, coaching, and workshops. ILI creates solutions to match your goals.

You can become an innovative leader who transforms your organization at your own pace using an approach that aligns with your goals, budget, and time. 

Get started by browsing the list of offerings and selecting the ones that match your goals. You can select your option, purchase it online, and for most offerings, you can start immediately.

If you have questions, contact us. 

Envision Success


Transformation starts with a clear vision of your future. Vision and strategic direction require a clear understanding of your current situation and an ability to imagine what you can accomplish. This passion for creating a better world and a data-driven approach to creating an operating model and prioritizing actions focuses your energies and creates a strong foundation for changes. 

This phase can include organizational analysis, leadership team alignment, and individual leadership assessments. Leaders drive the change, and having the right people in the right seats and committed to a shared mutual purpose is crucial to optimize results. 

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Elevate Leaders and Teams Comprehensive Leadership Assessment, Development, and Coaching Programs 

The Innovative Leadership comprehensive program is built on the proven Innovative Leadership framework published in ten award-winning books used in universities and corporations. It offers a holistic approach to developing self-awareness and leadership skills. Participants will understand "their why" as well as what strong leadership is and how to deliver it. 

The facilitated course options include a joint certification from the Innovative Leadership Institute and Franklin University. 

We offer several options to build your leadership skills and uplevel your skills as a seasoned leader.

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Elevate Leaders and Teams Leadership Mindset Assessment, Development, and Coaching  Programs (subset of comprehensive program)

The Innovative Leadership Mindset Program is designed to help leaders build their mindsets and leadership behaviors to meet organizational goals. Mindsets are one key element of highly effective leadership. In this program, participants take an assessment to build self-awareness and skills necessary for optimal leadership performance. 

We offer a range of programs designed to help you meet your goals ranging from individual study to facilitated group programs to individual coaching. 

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Elevate Leaders and Teams - Ohio Technology Leadership Development and Coaching Programs (Comprehensive In-Person Program Targeted to Ohio Tech Community)

The Central Ohio Tech Leaders programs are elite leadership development programs designed to develop the leaders who serve as the foundation for the Central Ohio tech ecosystem. The foundation program establishes a forum where the next ‘class’ of Central Ohio Tech leaders can grow in their current roles and serve as a critical foundation for business success as they develop for future roles.

The Innovative Leadership Institute and Franklin University's Mason Leadership Center co-certified the foundation program. 

Additional offerings include an Advanced Leadership Development Program and coaching. 

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Enable Organizational Transformation - Assessment, Development, Consulting, and Coaching

This offering integrates leadership development and organizational transformation using an integrated approach. Leaders learn to implement transformative change in their organization systems, culture, and employee behavior. They learn how to lead significant transformation that requires them to lead differently to accomplish meaningful goals during this process. 

The offerings leverage framework, tools, and processes published in the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations.

This education program includes two sections. First, it offers eight modules focusing on the transformation process in a workbook format, tools, templates, processes, assessments, reflection questions, and a case study for each step in the transformation process. The second section includes four chapters containing foundational models that differentiate innovative leaders. These models serve as a reference guide as you transform your organization - enhancing your effectiveness in changing your organization.

This series of programs will help you transform yourself as a leader and your organization. 

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"It was a honor to be part of your incredible program (Innovative Leadership Facilitator Program). The experiences, information, perspectives, and relationships that you and the group shared have made me a better leader and person. The impact of this program has improved and brought depth to the way I work with people and think about my life and work. "

Mike Davis
President, Junior Acheivement

"The program has rich and meaningful material, valuable network opportunities, and great instructors that push you to truly know yourself."

Aspiring CIO
IT Leader Program

"I think I learned the importance of what I think of as “deliberate growth”, meaning that if you want to grow in your role, in your experience, in your skills, you have to do it deliberately…writing and refining a personal vision, taking the time to network with peers at other companies, learning from others and “sharpening the saw” outside of the office. Because of this experience, I really do feel I have gained valuable tools that I will continue to put into practice for years to come. Thank you!"

AVP Architecture & IT Strategy
IT Leader Program

"Going into the class my expectations were more on the assumption of a “checklist” on how to become a CIO leader, but what I got instead was a new understanding on myself. I really learned that you have to look inward to move where you want to go. There is no blueprint or silver bullet. I also learned that expanding your network and your center of influence is more important than striving for a “title”. Work a becoming the best leader you can be and the “title” will follow."

Technology Manager
IT Leaders Program

"The course was invaluable for me and was helpful in several ways, but most importantly it helped me see some of my blind spots. Having been an IT leader for over 20 years it becomes easy to think “I’ve been through it all” and that I know how to handle every situation. Several of the sessions really helped me course correct that thinking. "

AVP Chief Technology Manager
IT Leaders Program

"Understanding who I am, what I like and where I want to go is crucial. Leadership is the complete picture not just at work but what you are impacting in the community. The complete picture needs to be established and communicated. This part of leadership is very easily overlooked but is necessary to let others know who you are and what you are looking to accomplish. Again, “looking to accomplish” is more along the lines of your impact to the community and to humanity more than making this deadline. I think this foundation for me was an excellent journey and one worth looking at again and again. "

Jim Perry, CAS, Manager Enterprise Data Management
IT Leaders Program

"I am truly honored to be a part of the inaugural alumni group and consider this experience to be a pivotal one in my career, and I will heartily endorse it to others that are looking to advance their own careers, and create meaningful connections to our vibrant Columbus, Ohio IT community."

AVP Architecture & IT Strategy
IT Leaders

"As an attendee of this program, I recommend it to all IT Leaders as an educational opportunity worth experiencing. The insight of yourself, seeing the reflection in the mirror, the identification of areas of improvement that can bring you to the next vertical level in your career and personal life are invaluable."

George Brown, Manager, IT Operations and Infrastructure
IT Leaders

""I am lucky to be taking this transformational journey. The reflection, interaction with peers and leaders is invaluable not only to those who aspire to be in leadership but to any IT professional who wants to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment.""

IT Leader
Manager, Global Data Centers & Virtualization Services

"A lot of leadership training is snake oil and at best focuses on tactics. The Innovative Leadership Institute team focus on helping experienced leaders understand their behavior and sustain long term meaningful change. "

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Warner Moore, Founder and CEO of Gamma Force

"As a leader, giving yourself time to think, (about your traits, how you developed into the leader you've become, your place in the world and what you want to be) is so valuable. That's what this class gave me. The chance to learn about new ideas and the head space to think about their impact. I was able to see my work and those I interact with in an objective way. I was also able to learn about myself and others through our discussions. What a gift!"

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Director Application Development

"The Advanced Leadership Development Program has opened my eyes in my ability to understand leadership from the perspective of those around me. I am learning to communicate and at the same time reflect on the impact I have on those I speak to. Trying to better understanding the way I interact with others has been an important in helping me improve my interpersonal skills at work and has helped me develop better relationships with my team. "

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Manager, IT Operations

"Maureen and Mike have built a program that grabs the heart and soul of a leader to foster and blossom them into a better version of themselves. The Advanced Leadership Development Program provides me with the tools to work with others and the language to work with myself. "

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Director of IT

"Maureen and Mike have built a program that grabs the heart and soul of a leader to foster and blossom them into a better version of themselves. The Advanced Leadership Development Program provides me with the tools to work with others and the language to work with myself. "

Advanced Leadership Development Program
Director of IT

"The training was absolutely superb, and I genuinely enjoyed every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. Your years of experience, your depth of understanding the business culture, and ability to present the subject in such an interesting way during a difficult situation made huge impact with me. I have attended several leadership trainings before, but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. You have done an outstanding job and I appreciate your efforts. Your program has benefited me both personally and professionally. Keep Hammering and Getting After It. "

F.Scott Hanning
Infrastructure Manager

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