Innovative Leadership Organizational Transformation


With the rapid pace of change in today's world, every leader needs to understand how to implement transformational innovation at a an increasingly high level. The scope and scale will vary based, but the skills are important for everyone. This program provides the foundation framework, tools, assessments, and processes required to transform your department or your organization. Our programs will help you build the skills and mindsets required to lead these changes. 




Program Comparison Overview

Organizational Transformation Program Comparison Overview


Innovative Leadership Organizational Transformation Programs

Curriculum: Organizational Transformation – Leadership, Culture, and Systems


All Organizational Transformation programs leverage the same framework. It has eight primary and four supplemental modules explaining the foundational framework to support your success. In addition, the program provides a transformation and development process, including worksheets, assessments, reflection questions, interviews/podcasts with thought leaders, and a case study. These resources support you as you lead your organization's transformation. The weekly time commitment will vary depending on your role and your project's schedule.


Section 1: The Transformation Process
Section 2: Foundational Framework
  • Developmental Perspectives - Vertical Development
  • Resilience - Stay Flexible and Focused During Change
  • Situational Analysis - Know your Changing Context
  • Leadership Behavior - Essential Skills 

Outcomes of this program:

  • Understand innovative leadership and transformation – the processes required to transform organizations in a complex world and the leadership necessary to lead, accomplish the transformation and keep the company running simultaneously.
  • Improve organizational understanding and self-awareness
  • Identify the organization's and leaders' strengths and weaknesses 
  • Use data driven assessments 
  • Identify  implementation and leadership development plans 
  • Build transformation team accountability
  • Align culture, systems, and people 
  • Build a stronger leadership team
  • Shorten the path from transformation investment to achieving business goals
  • Reduce risk 

This program reflects a highly sought-after MBA course; it is data-driven, research-based, and proven with thousands of participants. Leaders who actively engage with this program become significantly more effective.

At the end of each program, you will have developed the critical transformation and leadership skills required to succeed in today's constantly changing environment. In addition, you will have applied these new skills and behaviors in your current transformation efforts and gained feedback from learning partners. As a result, you will be well on your journey to becoming an even more successful transformational leader. You will also continually understand the process of growing and evolving yourself and your organization throughout your career. 

Organizations face increasing complexity, and leading transformation is becoming more complex. As a result, leaders need to build their transformation skills as they run and transform their organizations simultaneously. We help you navigate the complexity with tools and advisory services.