“The qualities of effective leadership can be paradoxical – requiring effective leaders to be passionate, unbiased, detailed and strategic, hard-driven and sustainable, fact-focused and intuitive, self-confident and selfless – all often at the same time. Such complexity is rarely found in leaders, even under optimal conditions. New contexts and conditions are poised to emerge that will create challenges beyond the abilities of most leaders or a single nation to manage. This powerful contextual shift – a time of great stress and constraint – has the potential to drive a new and more complex stage of human culture and consciousness to meet these challenges.”, according to chapter twelve of Leadership 2050, written by Susan Cannon, Mike Morrow-Fox and Maureen Metcalf.


The Curriculum


 All programs have the same foundation. It has nine modules and provides you with a development process, including worksheets, assessments, reflection questions, and interviews/podcasts with thought leaders. These are all designed to support you as you develop your leadership mindsets that serve as the foundation to perform as an innovative leader. The time commitment is approximately ten hours of learning activity for the independent study program. 

Module 1. Innovative Leadership Kick-off 

Module 2: Developmental Basics

Module 3: Authentic and Reflective

Module 4: Intellectually Versatile

Module 5: Professionally Humble

Module 6: 360 Degree Thinker

Module 7: Unwavering Commitment to Right Action

Module 8: Inspire Followership

Module 9: Innately Collaborative

We offer several options to build your mindsets and associated behaviors.

Leaders who update their mindsets change their behavior and their impact! Join the elite few focusing on mindsets.